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TECA Project was established in 2012, where the majority of our work was the design of efficient prefabricated concrete and steel structures.

Over the years we have been involved with various large and small scale projects that cater for different needs: residential, public, retail, industrial, transportation.

We follow best practices within the construction industry and utilise only the best experience and knowledge, in order to achieve the goals set by our clients. TECA always considers quality and customer satisfaction to be our main priorities.

Honesty, accuracy, positive thinking, belief in the outcome, decency – this is what we value the most in doing business. We put a major emphasis on continual improvement of our processes and customer satisfaction. We are certified in accordance with the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001:2007

The scope of our certification is: “Construction engineering, structural design and installation of prefabricated concrete elements”.


Our team aims to make General Contractors’ lives easier. We want our clients to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy watching the construction process progress – while we bear the responsibility for the structure from its very inception, until the final element has been assembled. We strive to save time, resources and the nerve cells of our clients.


In the future, the construction industry will be increasingly reliant on services provided by different parties bound within comprehensive ecosystems, where members of the supply chain can even be located in different geographical locations. Our ability to offer smart, flexible and broad engineering solutions with high attention to detail, and using the best tools and design methods available, seamlessly integrates us into these ecosystems.

2012 - Quick start at the Estonian market.

2013 - Team key players emerged.

2014 - First Scandinavia projects.

2015-2017 - Cooperation with Baltic Precast concrete factories, 90% of the projects are for Sweden.

2018 - Design services are sold directly to Scandinavian partners

2019 - Reaching new markets such as Norway, Denmark, Finland.

2020 - Extensive export of our services in Scandinavia ...

2051 - Design of human colonies on Mars and other planets.

We look forward to cooperating with companies who share our values and think BIG. We look beyond seeking quick returns on investments and truely understand the benefits of long term relationships.

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